All in: “Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown

Last night, my husband picked up his long-awaited copy of Daring Greatly by Brené Brown at the public library.  (He’d requested it weeks ago).  His big mistake was walking in the door and handing it to me.  Hey, it was his choice.  I don’t think he’ll be seeing it again for a while.

As I often do with books that resonate with me, I immediately began gobbling it up and thinking this woman was writing just for me.  By bedtime I had plowed through 100 pages.  And read lots of random passages aloud to my husband (so it’s not so bad that I totally stole his book, right?).

This morning when I woke, though, I started reflecting on what I had read and realized that this book might be better savored than gulped.  Sure, I could tear through it in two days, remember how awesome it was, and recommend it as a great read, but never actually have any lasting benefit from the wisdom it contains.  So, I am slowing down.  And I am going to share as I go.

The book is, after all, about being willing to engage and to share and to be authentic and be “all in.”  To fully engage in the challenging information on the book, I plan to move carefully and thoughtfully through the book, spending a few days focusing on the lessons of each chapter, and writing about what I see in my everyday family life and work that resonates with what I have read.

This is an experiment…so we’ll see how it goes!


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