London (Day 1 Part 2; Day 2)

I think that perhaps when we are very tired, we are drawn to what we consider to be more restorative. Thus, after hours on an airplane, and many more hours since quality sleep, I was drawn to gardens. Each time I tried to direct myself toward a museum or some other edifice of marble, concrete, or stone…I found my internal compass reoriented me toward green. Too tired to fight instinct, I obliged! I spent most of the afternoon in St. James Park, which is just east of Buckingham Palace, and in Hyde Park, originally created as a hunting ground for his majesty King Henry VIII.

StJamesParkCollageSt. James Park

Hyde Park CollageHyde Park

After a good night’s sleep, I went to Kew Royal Botanic Gardens on Monday. I arrived just before the gates opened at 10 AM, and spent about 4 hours touring the area. I visited glass houses from Victorian times, King George III’s Kew Palace, and a beautiful water lily house.

Kew Gardens Collage

Monday night I traveled to Guildford for the working part of my trip at University of Surrey.


One response to “London (Day 1 Part 2; Day 2)

  1. I agree that outside is more restorative than inside. I love the pictures.


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